Friday, November 6, 2009

Project Day 116 - The House is ALMOST ours!

Today we will make the final payment to the builder. Hip-hip-hooray! As you can see, the building process was just a few days short of four months from start to finish!

The county in which we built doesn't provide Certificates of Occupancy. So, after the builder receives the final payment and the bank is satisfied that we have paid the builder, we are free to move our belongings inside. That approval should be within a few days. But, we will not be able to move into the house for about a month because we are waiting on some utilities.

OK, back to the moving process...Yesterday afternoon, Dave loaded the final batch of stepping stones into the trailer so that we could get an early start this morning. First stop was to deliver the final payment to Tomorrow's Homes. They have just been awesome to build with. We cannot recommend them highly enough. The entire building experience is one that I wouldn't hesitate to do with them again--but glad we don't have to!

Next stop--ALMOST our home.

We cannot move anything into the house until the builder and bank give us approval. So, that should be early next week. We have until November 19 to empty the POD. We also wanted to verify that the car will fit into the garage--backing in the utility trailer. As you can see--success.

We had hoped to move into the house early next week, but we have postponed that for a few weeks. We will not have a phone or security system. In addition, we will not have access to the computer until the phone is installed. We received a letter that the phone will be installed sometime prior to November 25. So, that's quite a while from now. We hope it will be sooner, rather than later.

When we arrived at the house today, we saw little blue flags up and down our street. As I later found out, these flags were installed by the water company so that the phone company will know where the water lines are located before they dig to install new telephone cable. The flags are a good sign that the phone company is moving forward with the installation!

That's our driveway in the background of this photo.

Over the next few weeks, we will move items into the house. We should be completely able to move in in late November or early December.

Thanks for taking this journey with us. We hope you have found it entertaining and informative. Grace and peace to you all.

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